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GRND t Harde

Last modified: 21 May 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Netherlands    Region: Province Gelderland

Locale: Doornspyk

Latitude: 52° 23' 49" N     Longitude: 5° 52' 55" E

Area use / Military Branches: Deactivated


Former Spec Ammo Storage Doornspyk, US Army 14x 8 inch nuc grenades, (1966-1970), 10x Honest John (1970-1983), 10x Lance missile warheads (1983-1992). Nuclear battlefields, Global links in arms race Appendix A (Ballinger, Cambridge Mass. 1985)
Security: US Army 23rd Missile Det. (1966-1970), reassigned 23rd US Army Field Arty. Det. (1970-1992).
Comms: US Army 128th Signal Co.Det. responsible for both Troposcatter microwave and HF communications.
HF communications consisted of 3 Collins KWM2A AN/FRC-93 SSB 100W radios and 1 landline phonepatch to the admin building.
Callsign was Cemetery 30 in the US Stratcom Cemetery 4 Network Control Site.
The mobile unit was equipped with an AN/MRC-117 and an AN/FRC-93 transceiver console mounted in the rear seat.
Microwave communications consisted of a frequency diverse, polarized selective vertical and horizontal ITT AN/FRC-66 with 2 transmitters, 2 receivers, 2 1KA power amplifiers using 2Ghz Klystron tubes and a GE TCS-600 (600 channel) multiplexer.
TX/RX was via waveguide up a 152ft. tower and out of 2 15ft. parabolic dishes (Line Of Sight to Bremerhaven, GER 180mi east).
The Tributary Logic Console and teletype were located offsite at the FA Det admin 500ft. away. .
Site deactivation was in 1992 but still existing and currently being used for training and storage.

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