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USAr Clausen

Last modified: 04 Apr 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: RP

Locale: Clausen

Latitude: 49° 15' 54" N     Longitude: 7° 42' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Nato site #59 (1968-1991) was a J-type Special Ammo Storage for 100.000 US Army 155 and 203mm Artillery Rounds to be used in a future European WW3 theater. Site activated 1968 and secured by US Army 110th MP Company. Deactivated and closed 1991 after downfall of the USSR and Warsaw Pact. In 1970 the US Army stored almost 115,000 artillery shells filled with GB, Sarin and VX nervegas in W-Germany. The weapons were stored at a hi-sec special weapons depot in 15 bunkers near the village of Clausen.

Between July and September 1990, 102,000 artillery shells filled with 400 tons of nerve gas, were packed in 5,000 airtight containers and in operation Steel Box all chemical weapons were transported from Clausen to the Miesau Army Depot appx 20 miles away. Then in operation Golden Python they were put on trains and hauled to the North Sea port of Nordenham, Germany. Here they were loaded onto 2 Military Sealift Command containerships, which transported them to Johnston Island in the Pacific for destruction. Both ops were under tight security; details can be found in the February 1991 GAO/NSIAD-91 105 declassified report.

Video footage: deadliest chemical agent VX gas
Video footage: Sarin nervegas WARNING - live testing on animals - you won't like this

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Gerrit Vander Kamp, | 23. November 2019 13:53


I was at Site 59 from 1/77 to 5/78, saw the inside of J Bunker accidentally while giving a pen to one of the “EOD” (Chem Warfare) NCO’s conducting leak test on shells while they were dressed in full MOPP Gear. Seemingly innocent event, lifelong consequences.

Tyler Frank, | 07. November 2019 06:06


I was there from 4/78 to 12/81. WE occasionally got shot at but we were more in fear of the leaking shells than the snipers. No one died but a lot of people got low-level exposure, There were large leaks in Alpha, Echo and Oscar. Oscar was so bad we didn't use it after that. Echo was right next to the main building. It happened on a cold winter night so all that happened was the alarm went off. There were deep trenches in from of the bunker vents to catch the gas when a leak occurred. Once the lieutenant came sneaking out to check on us at night. He fell in one of these holes and couldn't get out. We didn't hurry to help him

Paul Linden, | 15. April 2019 00:51

Sgt E5

Was there 1985-1986

craig a.klein, | 30. July 2011 22:55


i was there.looktng for others and info.

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