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AA BA 921 Taverny.

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Country: France    Region: Paris

Locale: Taverny

Latitude: 49° 2' 3" N     Longitude: 2° 13' 47" E

Area use / Military Branches: CASPOA; CFAS; DirCAM; CMOE


BA 921 Taverny was the former HQ and one of 2 airops C-3 centers where the overall air picture was generated and evaluated. This was the command post responsible for all French airops. and for the security of the French airspace. In the chain of command it was placed directly under the French president.

- underground ops facilities at grid 49° 2'2"N 2°13'46"E
- basecamp and support facilities at grid 49° 2'4"N 2°13'17"E

Historical facts:
- 1941-1944: Used by nazi-Germany for producing SKF ball bearings.
- 1946 : used by French army as a material depot.
- 1957 : creation Air Defence Ops Center (Centre d'Opération de la Défense Aérienne CODA).
- 1961 : creation Staff National Airdefence (État-major de la Défense Aérienne du Territoire DAT) and Air Defence Cmd (Commandement Air des Forces de Défense Aérienne CAFDA).
- 1963 : creation Airbase 921 commanding the 2nd Air region and of the Strategic Airforce Cmd (Commandement des Forces Aériennes Stratégiques CFAS) in the underground facility. Former Centre de Conduite des Opérations Aériennes (Overall Airops Command HQ); this nuclear secure ops bunker used the tacticall “Veilleur’
- 1967 : installation of the underground Strategic Airforce Airops Center (Centre d'opérations des forces aériennes stratégiques COFAS).
- 1992 : implantation of SpecOps Cmd (Commandement Opérations Spéciales COS).
- 1994: Staff National Airdefence and Air Defence Cmd dissolved and commands transferred to new and identical Air Ops Center (Centre de Conduite des Opérations Aériennes CCOA),
- 2000 : Airbase 921 commanding Air region North.
- 2006 : SpecOps Cmd reassigned to airbase 107 Villacoublay.
- 2007 : Air Ops Center reassigned to airbase 942 Lyon-Mont Verdun.
- 2011 : Unit deactivation in june 2011.

Current status and units:
Deactivated as of 2011 but the Centre d'Opérations des Forces Aériennes Stratégiques (Strategic Airops Center) remaining in caretaker status. An identical center is now active at BA 942 Lyon-Mont Verdun

- Admin Hq and Centre d'Analyse et de Simulation pour la Préparation aux Opérations Aériennes / CASPOA (Airops Preparation Analysis Center).
- Commandement des forces aériennes stratégiques / CFAS (Strategic Air Cmd)
- Direction de la Circulation Aérienne Militaire / DirCAM (AT Cmd)
- Centre de Météorologie des Opérations Extérieures / CMOE (Meteo Ops Center).

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