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1.MoD Woodbridge garrison

Last modified: 12 Apr 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Suffolk

Locale: Woodbridge

Latitude: 52° 4' 42" N     Longitude: 1° 24' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Former RAF - USAFE Woodbridge, nowadays MoD Woodbridge..
As of 1952 in the Cold War MoD offered RAF Woodbridge to USAF. Expansion to NATO standards started with USAF 3928th Airbase Squadron. Its first operational unit in 1952 was 79th Fighter-Bomber Sq operating F-84G Thunderjets to provide escort for SAC Boeing B-47 Stratojet rotational deployments from RAF Sturgate. The deployments involved appx 45 aircraft, together with 20 KC-97 Stratotankers, which were stationed at UK bases for 90 day Temporary Duty (TDY). They were relieved by another SAC wing from a different airfield. The missions continued until 1964.

During the next eras (1965-1993) the base hosted many USAFE units operating F-84F Thunderstreaks, F-100 Super Sabres, McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoos later replaced by F-4D Phantoms and Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolts. In 2000 declassified docs revealed an active nuclear weapon storage at Woodbridgde 1960-1985.

By the end of the Cold War, USAFE presence at Woodbridge phased down. 78th and 91st TFS dissolved in1992. The last A-10 aircraft left in 1993 and the airfield closed. 81st TFW deactivated in 1993 and USAFE returned control of Woodbridge to the UK MoD.
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Since September 2006, RAF Woodbridge is renamed MoD Woodbridge, including Woodbridge Airfield and Rock Barracks. It is now homebase of the
Corps of Royal Engineers with
- 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment
- 12 Parachute Headquarters and Support Squadron.
- 51 Parachute Squadron.
- 9 Parachute Squadron.
- 28 Engineer Regiment (CBRN).

23 Parachute Engineer Regiment is under 16 Air Assault Bde command and at a high state of readiness. It is regularly called upon to deploy on worldwide ops. Insertion can be by parachute, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

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