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AIR Chania (Souda)

Last modified: 23 Feb 2021

Country: Greece    Region: .

Locale: Chania

Latitude: 35° 32' 4" N     Longitude: 24° 10' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Chania airfield. Souda airfield is the military part of the airport.
Currently based
- Tac Air Force 115 Combat Wing with 2 squadrons F-16C/D (1 strike and 1 airdefence) and 1 flight training squadron
Also home to
-- 25th Guided Missile Sq (nearby site at Perivolaki) operating: S-300 PMU1, Crotale NG/GR, TOR M1

The USAF nuclear deterrence mission was established in Greece in 1961 after the "sheepskin" agreement between the US and Greece. This implied existence of initial nuclear sites at Elevsis for US Army grenades and missile warheads kept in custody for Greek Army and at Souda, Tanagra and Araxos airbase for US Air Force freefall bombs.

The one at grid 3532'3"N 2410'31"E used to be one of the former USAF special ammo storages (1962-1975).
Former QRA location (2 shelters inside double fence) lat grid: 3531'24"N 24 9'44"E.
At that time the base operated 2 (nuc tasked) strike squadrons with F-84F Thunderstreak later A-7H Corsair 2

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