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AA radar Cinq Mars La Pile

Last modified: 26 Mar 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: France    Region: Indre & Loire

Locale: appx 20k SW Tours airbase

Latitude: 47° 21' 7" N     Longitude: 0° 27' 56" E

Area use / Military Branches: CDC; CCS; ZAD nord


Cinq Mars La Pile; CDC (NATO: CRC) 07.927 tacticall Raki radar.
This unit is a subordinate of airbase 705 Tours (SEE: AA BA 705 Tours).
1980, equipped with the STRIDA air detection system and METEOR comms system.
1994, Cmd Northern Air Defense Zone.

Currently integrated in NATO Air Cmd Ctrl System and active as of 2015. This unit is comprising
- SAR Coordination Center / CCS,
- Info & Comms System Sq / ESIC

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