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AIR / NAV Los Castillos, Arucas

Last modified: 13 Feb 2021, submitted by: Dr. med Mabuse

Country: Spain    Region: .

Locale: Los Castillos, Canarias

Latitude: 28° 5' 18" N     Longitude: -16° 28' 11" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


28 5'18"N 1531'46"W Los Castillos, Arucas, Canarias

Former NSG (Naval Security Group) facility equipped with a Circularly Disposed Antenna Array (CDAA); this former high frequency direction finding (HFDF) and communications facility was also known as the Wullenweber radar. NSG ceased worldwide operations in 1993 and most facilities were dismantled and removed during 2000-2005. Some installations were taken over by NSA/Echelon but not this one.

Currently this facility is used by the Spanish Air Force and Navy as a fixed navigation beacon.

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