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GRND Attinghausen

Last modified: 17 Oct 2018, submitted by: Dr. med Mabuse

Country: Switzerland    Region: Uri

Locale: Attinghausen

Latitude: 46° 52' 1" N     Longitude: 8° 36' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed; now IT-datacenter


Attinghausen; former K-7 commandbunker. The site was constructed 1948 and constantly extended. From 1956-1976 the Swiss armed forces staff would be located here in case of WW3. Also the bunker housed an underground copy of the Dübendorf Operationszentrale with the airdefence and airtraffic control system FLORIDA which handled in the 1970's data from 3 radarstations covering Swiss airspace in this command and control centre for the Swiss air force,

In 2007 the K-7 bunker was sold to Deltalis converting it into a IT facility and currently it is Deltalis DKII datacenter.
The rock chambers of DKII provide a huge space with extreme stability, tested in recent live measurements. The computer room consists of 3 large chambers built into the granite rock. Each chamber houses 3 floors each at least 4 metres in height. Multiple pressure doors (40cm thick), UPS, diesel generators, fire protection, alarm monitoring, multiple access security measures and redundant power supply are designed in line with Tier IV ratings.


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