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Luftwaffe Hoher Bogen

Last modified: 16 Feb 2020, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: Germany    Region: Bav.

Locale: Eckstein

Latitude: 49° 14' 5" N     Longitude: 12° 55' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


In the 1960's the Bundeswehr, built several air force SIGINT facilities like a chain along the E/W German and CZ frontiers. The Fernmeldesektoren Türme der Luftwaffe (FmTürmeLw) with the prefixes A until F.

Hoher Bogen was site F and became SIGINT ops in 1965 as a combined German air force and US Army Security Agency (later NSA) facility until 1975. Then the US forces left and the German airforce continued SIGINT ops from 1975-1993. After the German reunification SIGINT ops ceased and the facility was converted as an automatic combined civil/mil air traffic beacon until 2001 as the faciity phased out. It closed in 2004. Nice german documentary
Actual status

The other sites were:
Klaustorf at grid 54°21'17"N 11° 0'55"E (1965-2004)
Thuaurer Berg at grid 52°57'0"N 11°15'24"E (1965-1994)
Stöberhai (SEE USaR Stöberhai)
Schneeberg at grid

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