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NATO Geilenkirchen

Last modified: 22 Jul 2020, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: Germany    Region: NRW

Locale: Geilenkirchen

Latitude: 50° 58' 10" N     Longitude: 6° 3' 13" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Former RAFG Geilenkirchen, Built by the British who used the facility from 1953 - 1968. Units at Geilenkirchen were under command of RAF 2nd Tac Air Force (later RAF Germany). These units were active in the airdefence or the strike/attack role. No. 2 Sq - 1955-1957 (Gloster Meteor FR10 and Supermarine Swift FR5); No. 3 Sq - 1953-1957 and 1959-1961, 1961-1968; (Hawker Hunter F4, Gloster Javelin FAW4 and English Electric Canberra B(I)8; No. 5 Sq - 1962-1965; (Gloster Javelin FAW9); No. 11 Sq - 1959-1965 (Gloster Meteor NF11 and Gloster Javelin FAW4,FAW5,FAW9); No. 59 Sq - 1957-1961 (Canberra B2 and B(I)8 (57-61); No. 92 Sq - 1965-1968 (English Electric Lightning F2,F2A); No. 96 Sq - 1958-1959 (Gloster Javelin FAW4); No. 234 Sq - 1954-1957 (North American F86 Sabre and Hawker Hunter F4); No. 256 Sq - 1958-1958 (Gloster Meteor NF11)

Transferred to German Luftwaffe in 1968 (Pershing 1A misiile unit FKG2). Existing RAF Special Ammo Storage at grid 50°58'9"N 6° 3'12"E converted by US Army to stockpile 30 nuc warheads for German Surface-to-Surface missile wing (1968-1991). The - then Army Group Level SAS - was under 2 ATAF command. Site supervision: 557th US Army Arty Grp. Site security: 85th US Army Arty Det.

As of 1980, base reroling as NATO airbase Geilenkirchen, to host the main operating base for NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force This is a multinational organisation operating 17 NATO AWACS Boeing E-3A Sentry aircraft until today. As of 2014, NATO ACCS started replacing a wide variety of NATO and national air defence and air command and control systems. For the first time, NATO ACCS provides a unified air command and control system, enabling nations to manage all types of air ops both over NATO European territory and out of area. NATO ACCS integrates air mission control, air traffic control, airspace surveillance, airspace management and force management functions and replaces existing NATO and national air defence systems. Additional projects in support of NATO ACCS enhance missile defence C2 capabilities and maintain NATO’s ability to operate in the Single European Sky environment.

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