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AT Castelsarassin

Last modified: 09 Mar 2016, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: France    Region: Midi Pyrenees

Locale: Castelsarassin

Latitude: 44° 3' 10" N     Longitude: 1° 6' 42" E

Area use / Military Branches: 31e RG


Quartier Marescot, Castelsarassin is homebase of;
- 31e régiment du génie / 31e RG (31st Engineers Regt)
This is an independent unit under EMF3 (3rd Div) command but cooperating with 3e BM.

Regimental build-up :
1x cmd/log coy
1x support coy,
3x combat engr coy
1x energy coy
1x ops deployment suppt coy,
1x reserve unit

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Bert Loehner, eribert.loehner@gmail,com | 12. May 2009 19:01

Merville Calonne WW II bunkers

There are some WWII vintage bunkers outside the airport perimeter that are easily accessible. These appear to have been part of the airfield defenses at one point.

One certainly looks of French origin with a rotating steel turret copula still in place, though there is clearly evidence that the Germans modified it to suit their own equipment.

Another is obviously of German origin. It is of part reinforced concrete and part common masonry construction. The roof is a solid concrete platform. There is a garage door opening with steel monorail for an overhead crane still in place, likely for unloading vehicles.

In the stair well of the concrete portion there is a stencil painted warning in German. "Aufenhalt in der Gasschleuse bei Bombenangriffen verboten" Translation "Remaining in the air lock during bombing attacks is forbidden.

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