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GDR Bad Saarow

Last modified: 15 Sep 2019, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: Germany    Region: BBG

Locale: Bad Saarow / Fürstenwalde

Latitude: 52° 17' 13" N     Longitude: 14° 5' 12" E

Area use / Military Branches: Depot /Closed


1. The ammodepot at Bad Saarow at grid 52° 17' 13" N 14° 5' 12" E was a former NVA (national peoples army); which was taken over by the Bundesheer in 1991 Current status: unknown

2. Former GDR underground airforce/airdefense commandbunker "Zentraler Gefechtsstand-14" - ZGS-14, or "Fuchsbau" Fürstenwalde at grid 52° 19' 20" N 14° 3' 28" E At this place the military actual radarpicture was aligned with the operational airdefense missile units and fighters. Its average personnel strength was 350 military. The 2 interconnected bunkers contained no armory; only lots of electronics (dimensions 44x38m with several floors containing the Soviet ALMAS command & control system).

The northern complex was constructed in WW2 as a Nazi concentration camp and is known as "Fuchsbau". in 1960 everything was rebuilt and extended and as GDR airdefence took over the bunker in 1962 a new complex existed. In 1975-1977 the bunker became operational. Everything was NBC attack proof by 13m earthcoverage; airlocks and filtering. Internal storage insured at least 20 days ops status with >200 personnel.
In 1977 the unit became operational as Führungsstelle "ZGS-14".


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