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USAr Pershing Heilbronn & Waldheide

Last modified: 12 Mar 2021, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: Germany    Region: BW

Locale: Badener Hof and Waldheide

Latitude: 49° 7' 44" N     Longitude: 9° 16' 30" E

Area use / Military Branches: "Ft Redleg".Closed


Pershing II missile system was only operated by the US-Army as part of NATO; in 3 Pershing-II missile battallions. One battery of each battalllion was always on Combat Alert Status (CAS). This CAS site at Waldheide was a.k.a. "Fort Redleg" and used by 3rd Batn 84th Field Arty Regt; later by 4th Batn 9th Field Arty.

Heilbronn former Badener Hof kaserne (nowadays rebuilt) was at grid 49 8'3"N 914'53"E
- 4th Batn 9th Field Arty HHB, A & B batteries
- 2nd Batn 4th Security Inf C company
- 38th Signal Batn C company

Pershing 2 accident at Waldheide! In 1985 technicians at Ft Redleg had to put the parts of a new Pershing 2 missile together when a booster trap spontaneously ignited and exploded, killing 3 military and injuring 16 others.


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