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USAr Sögel

Last modified: 28 Mar 2019

Country: Germany    Region: NS.

Locale: Werlte

Latitude: 52° 49' 52" N     Longitude: 7° 37' 12" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former NATO C-type nuc storage Sögel a.k.a. Lahn a.k.a.Werlte was the largest SW/GS site in the northern part of Germany. Built 1962 and ops 1963 as a NORTHAG main corpslevel site under 552nd US Army Arty Group / 162nd Ordnance Coy after relocation from temporary site Lüdenscheid (see US Army Ludenscheid)

Former US 552nd USAAG based at the Mühlenberg Kaserne Sögel at grid 52°50'59"N 07°31'16"E its old ACE High comms tower is still standing.
552nd was also responsible for these other sites:
- 5th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt) Schill Ksn, Dünsen;
- 8th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt) Steenwijk, NE;
- 23rd FA Det (Msl Wh Spt) T'Harde, NE
- 25th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt) Barme;
- 32nd FA Det (Msl Wh Spt) Nienburg;
- 35th AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Hohenkirchen
- 42nd AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Barnsdorf
- 51st AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Adelheide

Site supervision and security: 162nd Ordnance Company, 255th MP Company, No US Army Field Artillery Detachment assigned. Outer perimeter security: German infantry. Deactivated and closed 1992; Termporary use as a firefighting training area 1994-1999. Property sold 2003 and now private property.

Video footage
Drone footage. Nice!

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