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USAFE Lautzenhausen (Hahn)

Last modified: 07 Sep 2019, submitted by: Dr. Mabuse

Country: Germany    Region: RP

Locale: Lautzenhausen

Latitude: 49° 56' 53" N     Longitude: 7° 17' 2" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former USAFE Hahn was home of HQ 701st Tac Msl Wng and 586th Tac Msl Grp (MACE). Its special ammo storage for MACE nuclear warheads consisted of 8 large bunkers
In 1956 the 701st TMW, operating Martin TM-61A "Matador" cruisemissiles, activated at Hahn AB. This was the first USAF tactical missile wing.
In 1958 the 38th TMW replaced the 701st operating Martin MGM13 "Mace" cruisemissiles until 1962.
In 1961 the 50th Tac Fighter Wing (F100 SupSabs) was stationed at Hahn. As its planes were replaced by F4 Phantoms the SAS was extended with 18 smaller bunkers built alongside of eachother. As of 1979 the F4īs were replaced by F16īs until 50th TFW relocated back to the US and the base closed 1993.
Current: Commercial airpt Frankfurt-Hahn

Hahn AB used to have its own Army airdefense units of the 6th Battalion, 56th Air Defense Artillery. Its mission was Airbase Air Defense for Spangdahlem, Bitbug and Hahn Airbases operating Chaparral/Vulcan systems. Battery A & HQ & HQ Battery was at Spangdahlem. Battery B,was at Bitburg. Battery C,was at Hahn

F-4 Phantom II
F-16 Falcon A/B

Photo impression

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