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USAr Giessen

Last modified: 09 Mar 2019

Country: Germany    Region: HS

Locale: Giessen

Latitude: 50° 36' 0" N     Longitude: 8° 43' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former US Army garrison Giessen. The site was under NATO CENTral Army Group command from 1972-1986.
J-type Army Corps level Special Ammo Storage a.k.a. NATO site #4 stored nuc 8 inch grenades and Sergeant (1972-1977) warheads.
Site upgraded in 1977:
- wooden towers replaced by steel and reinforced concrete constructions with armored glass.
- hardened SCC with microwave motion tracking system reacting on any damn rabbit!
- better lighting and all towers equipped with searchlights.
SOP then: Field olive drab green, later all camouflage, steel helmet, flakjacket, decon kit, field dressing, gas mask, canteen, poncho, 2 ammo pouches, 120 rounds, plus a 20 rounder in the M16A1. Each squad had a M203 grenade launcher, an M60 machinegun and a 90mm recoilless rifle. 3 men Sabotage Alert Team within 3 mins, 7 men Backup Force within 10 mins and Mobile Reserve at 30 mins. We trained it a lot and we would have blown away any outside threat! Fortunately it never came to that.
From 1978 until closure in 1986 the site stored Lance warheads for 5th US Army Corps, 42 Field Artillery Brigade in case of WW3. Site supervision: 72nd Ordnance Bn; Perimeter securty: until 1978 729th and from 1978 on 202nd MP Co all based at Pendleton Bcks Giessen. Currently the site is private property

Video footage about Giessen Depot and SAS after closure

The Giessen garrison airdefence was a responsibility of 32 AADCOM 2d Batn/2d Air Def Arty operating IHAWK until 1984. Later on 4th Batn/3d ADA operating Patriot missiles (both at grid 5034'33"N 844'18"E) as of 1988. SEE: Hawk US Annerod.

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