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7.Arizona state ANG

Last modified: 02 Feb 2019

Country: United States    Region: Arizona

Locale: Phoenix

Latitude: 33° 25' 35" N     Longitude: -113° 59' 16" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Arizona state Air National Guard comprises these units and bases:

- Joint Force HQ at Phoenix

- 161st Air Refueling Wing operating KC-135R Stratotankers stationed at: Sky Harbor, Phoenix at grid 3325'35"N 112 0'44"W under Air Mobility Cmd.

- 111th Space Operations Sq A space communications unit also stationed at Sky Harbor, Phoenix.and is under AF Space Cmd.

- 162nd Wing operating F-16D's stationed at Tucson Air National Guard Base at grid 32 7'45"N 11056'59"W Tis is a flight training wing.under AE&T Cmd.

- 214th Reconnaissance Group operating MQ-1B Predators from Davis Monthan Airbase at grid 3210'53"N 11053'13"W under Air Combat Cmd.

- 107th Air Control Sq Stationed at: Luke airbase, Glendale at grid 3332'0"N 11222'34"W under AE&T Cmd.

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