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9. NIKE Fairbanks area

Last modified: 27 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Alaska

Latitude: 64° 31' 37" N     Longitude: -147° 2' 9" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Nike Fairbanks Defense Area:
Sites were installed to replace old triple At defending the Fairbanks area (Ft Wainwright and Eielson Airbase).
Manned by the 2nd Missile Battalion, 562d Air Defense Artillery. The sites around Fairbanks deactivated in the 1970's
The USAF radar site at Murphy Dome AFS, AK (F-2) was shared with the Army for Nike missile-defense system.
These Nike sites in the Fairbanks area were not numbered but used a codename.

  1. Jig, Eielson. IFC at 64 32′ 4″ N, 146 59′ 35″ W, LA at 64 31′ 38″ N, 146 57′ 51″ W
  2. Love, Fairbanks (IFC & LA demolished) 6459′00″N 14751′16″W and 64 59′ 0″ N, 147 51′ 16″ W
  3. Mike, Eielson. IFC at 6435′13″N 14643′45″W,
  4. Peter, Eielson. IFC 6456′39″N 14751′51″W
  5. Tare, Newman IFC at 6445′28″N 14713′08″W

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