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3. ARMY / Robert Gray Army Airfield

Last modified: 29 Apr 2021

Country: United States    Region: Texas

Locale: Killeen

Latitude: 31° 4' 1" N     Longitude: -98° 10' 15" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


31 4'38"N 9750'3"W Robert Gray Army airfield is the military part of Killeen airport serving nearby Fort Hood
Tasked with providing training and deployment of Ft Hood personnel and equipment.
The airfield is capable of handling the largest military and civilian aircraft.
Airfield ops and services include:
- Base Flight Ops, Ops Support Airlift (OSA) Military Flight scheduling office, USAF Weather Ops, Alert/Services and Airfield Security Ops.
Tenant aviation units include 504th Military Intel Bde, Texas Flight Det.

The airfield was initially established to support Killeen base a.k.a. site Baker, currently still used for conventional munitions storage.
This site - at grid 31 4'27.41"N 9751'33.59"W - used to be an early (1948-1969) US National Stockpile storage site for nuclear weapons.

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