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2. AIR / AMC / Little Rock airbase

Last modified: 18 Apr 2021

Country: United States    Region: Arkansas

Locale: Little Rock

Latitude: 34° 55' 9" N     Longitude: -93° 52' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


USAF-Air Mobility Command Little Rock is an airlift base under AFMC but also with other users

Former: 308th Strat Msl Wing (373rd and 374th Strat Msl Sqns) operating Titan II ICBMs deployed in 1x 9 configuration (each squadron consisted of 9 launch facilities housing 1 missile directly connected to an underground launch control manned by a msl combat crew of 2 officers and 2 enlisted). Titan II silos were based separately. Each silo at least 7 miles from its closest neighbor. USAF deployed 6 squadrons of Titan II missiles. Each operating 9 missiles and to save money, the squadrons were grouped in pairs (373 and 374), forming an operational base. All of the logistic and support functions were based at existing SAC bases and the missiles were located nearby from 1962-1987.

Current units:
- 19 Airlift Wing (host) operating C-130H
-- 19 Maintenance , Medical , Mission Suppt and Ops Groups
-- 34 Combat Training Squadron executes Green Flag exercises with USAr Brigades, Special Operations Forces, USAF airlift and contingency response units and International Partners for training simulations

- AETC / 314 Airlift Wing with C-130H
-- 314 Maintenance and Ops Groups

- ANG / 189 Airlift Wing with C-130H
- AFRC / 319 Airlift Group

Tenant units
ACC / 29th Weapons Squadron ; AETC / 373rd Training Squadron, Det. 4 ; 96th Aerial Port Sqn (AFRC); Det. 3 AMCAOS (AFMC)

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