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6. USSF / Schriever airbase

Last modified: 22 Mar 2021

Country: United States    Region: Colorado

Locale: el paso county

Latitude: 40° 11' 57" N     Longitude: -113° 3' 46" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3848'14"N 10432'22"W USSF / Schriever airbase CO

- USSF / Space Delta 6. Provides assured access to space through the Air Force Satellite Control Network and defensive cyberspace ops.
-- 22 Space Ops Squadron (Schriever airbase) tasking: Satellite Control Network command and control
-- 61 Cyber Squadron, tasking: defensive cyber ops

-- 21 Space Ops Squadron (Vandenberg airbase) tasking: PACAF Satellite Control Network ops, Global Positioning System ground ops and Western Range launch support,
-- 23 Space Operations Squadron (Nw Boston air station) tasking: Atlantic Air Force Satellite Control Network ops, Global Positioning System ground ops and Eastern Range launch support. 23 SOS operates detachments at Thule airbase (greenland), RAF Ascention, RAF Oakhanger and Patrick spaceforce base FL
-- 62 Cyber Operations Squadron (Buckley airbase) tasking: defensive cyber ops

- USSF / Space Delta 8.Provides satcom and the world's standard for Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) signals through the Global Positioning System. Focal point for US Military SATCOM as well providing the only global utility for PNT signals to both military and civilian users.
Structure (all at Schiever airbase)
-- Ops Support Squadron. Operational training and certification
-- 2 Space Ops Squadron. Controils NAVSTAR global positioning system
-- 4 Space Ops Squadron. Controls the Advanced Extremely High Frequency Defense Satellite Communications System (phase 3) and the Military Strategic and Tactical Relay Wideband Global Satellite Communications System.

- USSF / Space Delta 9.Preparing, presenting, and projecting assigned and attached forces to deter and, when necessary, defeat orbital threats.
Structure (all at Schriever airbase)
-- Ops Suppt Squadron. Operational training and certification
-- 1 Space Ops Squadron. Controlling general space domain awareness
-- 3 Space Ops Squadron. Controlling space defence capabilities

- STAR Delta P / 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron. developing concepts of employment, training, education and tech skills for future USSF missions. Note: 3 SES also has a dislocated detachment at Kirtland airbase.
-- 17 Test Squadron is tasked with testing and evaluating space systems and associated support equipment.
-- 25 Space Range Sauadron operates the Space Test and Training Range
-- 527th Space Aggressor Squadron presents adversary threats to US and allied military forces to improve their training for space-associated ops.
-- STAR Delta Detachment is a dislocated unit at 1 Nellis airbase
-- STAR Delta Ops Location Alpha is a dislocated unit at Kirtland airbase

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