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9. USAF - Moses Lake

Last modified: 24 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Washington

Latitude: 47° 11' 57" N     Longitude: -120° 41' 31" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


4711'4"N 11919'22"W Former Larson airbase located five miles northwest of the central business district of Moses Lake, Grant County, Washington. After its closure in 1966, the airport facility became Grant County International Airport.

Former Moses Lake WW2 trainingbase and after the war a testbase for the B-47 and B-50. Reopened 1949 as Moses Lake airbase under Air Defense Command. Renamed Larson airbase 1950. ADC units stationed:
- 325th Fighter Interceptor Group (1948-1951)
- 81st Fighter Interceptor Wing (1949-1952) then moved to UK RAF Sheperds Grove
- Lashup radarstn 29 with AN/CPS-5, AN/CPS-1 and AN/CPS-4 radars operated by 637th AC&W Sq (1950-1952)
- SAGE radar direction center (1957-1966)

SAC units stationed:
- 71st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (1955-1958) operating RB-36s
- 4170 SW (1960-1966) 327th Bombardment Sqn operating B-52Ds
Former Xmas tree alert facility and Molehole underground crew alert facility are at grid 4711'17"N 11918'2"W
Former nuc WSA at grid 4713'16"N 11918'16"W
- 462d Strategic Aerospace Wing / 568th Strategic Missile Sq (1962-1966) operating Titan 1 ICBM's in 3 launch complexes each housing 3x missiles. The underground launch complexes were at grid 4711'11"N 11849'20"W at 4655'0"N 119 3'17"W and at 4654'26"N 11945'19"W

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