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Camp Shelby

Last modified: 06 Mar 2020

Country: United States    Region: Mississippi

Locale: Hattiesburg

Latitude: 31° 11' 30" N     Longitude: -90° 47' 29" E

Area use / Military Branches: SEE 7.Mississippi ArNG


3111'30"N 8912'31"W Camp Shelby.
This Joint Forces Training Center is the largest reserve component training site, covering 136,000 acres allowing up to battalion-level maneuver training, Gunnery Table 8-12, field artillery firing points and a wide range of support facilities. This is the normal Annual Training location for National Guard and Reserve units located in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

- 154th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)
- 1st Battalion (Armor training)
- 2nd Battalion (Infantry training)
- 3rd Non Commissioned Officers Academy
- 4th Battalion (Medical training)
- Special Operations Detachment South (SOD-S) SOD-S military have a tough demanding mission. The detachment is comprised of a wide range of skill sets and focuses training in their respective staff functions and as well as a command and control element for a Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force or a Theatre Special Operations Command (TSOC).

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