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Last modified: 23 Feb 2014

Country: China    Region: Chengdu

Latitude: 29° 38' 12" N     Longitude: 105° 46' 26" E

Area use / Military Branches: Fighterbase


Dazu fighterbase , Chendu military region
-33 Fighter Division
- U/I Air Regt flying JH-7s

There are 2 versions of this aircraft: a naval aviation and an airforce type.
JH-7/FBC-1 Flounder is a tandem-seat fighter bomber. The Tornado and SU-24 class aircraft entered limited service with PLA naval aviation in 1994, replacing Il-28's. Its standard mission is anti-ship, carrying up to 4 YJ-81/YJ-83K AShMs underwing plus 2 wingtip PL-5B AAMs and a twin 23mm cannon. It can also carry rocket pods or up to 20 250kg bombs for groundattack mission. The naval JH-7 even carries aerial mines for mine laying missions. The aircraft is equipped with a complete set of avionics consisting of 232H Eagle Eye multirole radar, triplex digital-analog autopilot, 8145 airdata computer, WG-5A radio altimeter, 210 Doppler navsystem and HZX-1B stabilizing system; EW suite includes RW1045 RWR, 960-2 noise jammers and 914-4G passive jamming system. JH-7 was first revealed during a naval exercise in October 1995 and became the first dedicated maritime strike aircraft for PLA Naval Aviation.

Xian JH-7

JH-7B Flying Leopard (AF version) was photographed at the 2008 Zhuhai International Airshow. JH-7B was initally speculated to feature stealth optimized aerodynamics, including a diamond shaped forward fuselage and DSI or Caret inlet. The aircraft might feature internal weapon bays on the side and bottom of its mid fuselage. However the latest assessment is that JH-7B features only limited improvements in the areas of avionics and flight control system. Its external appearance would mostly remain the same, in order to save time and cut cost. A new fire-control radar and mission computer as well as a new digital FBW may be installed. Composite materials may be used in more areas to reduce weight. The aircraft may also feature an IRF probe as well and is expected to carry next generation long-range tactical ASMs. .

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