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Last modified: 23 Dec 2009

Country: Poland   

Locale: Kamieniec

Latitude: 54° 24' 57" N     Longitude: 17° 45' 47" E

Area use / Military Branches: Fleet Air Arm


Cewice-Siemerowice ICAO: EPCE
Former Warsaw Pact base of 3 'Kaszubski' Dywizjon Lotnictwa Marinarki Wojennej (3rd Navy Airwing) Until 2003 the Polish navy operated the TS-11 Iskra as a maritime recce platform with 3.dlMW at Siemerowice. 2 versions were used, TS-11 Iskra-B DF and TS-11 Iskra-B DF(R) unofficially referred to as 'Novax'. All equipped with AFA-39 camera's. The 'Novax' aircraft additionally had a Bendix King RDS81 weather-radar installed in the nose of the aircraft as well as a simple GPS in the rear cockpit. The navy transferred the camouflaged Iskra's in 2003 to the air force. 3rd Navy airwing was created from 7.PLS. By 2003 the unit redesignated 30 Eskadra MW with the M-28 Bryza..

Actual status: Fleet air arm base. Unit: 30 Eskadra MW (30.elMW). LSO sqn with M-28 Bryza-1R.

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