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PAF Rajanpur

Last modified: 13 Sep 2010

Country: Pakistan    Region: Rajanpur

Locale: 22kms NW of Rajanpur

Latitude: 29° 15' 50" N     Longitude: 70° 11' 11" E

Area use / Military Branches: Airbase (FOB)

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Rajanpur airfield, ICAO: OP22; Forward Operating Base for Pakistani Air Force in case of emergencies

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samir, | 18. April 2009 07:44

Bakher tribe

Bakher tribe lives in Rajan Pur. The tribe migrated from Thatha Sind to Rajan Pur and was dispersed in the different villages of Rajan Pur. They are found in Haji Pur Fazil Pur Rajan Pur and other areas. They migerated along woth the last ruler of Kalohoro tribe , Mian Abdul Nabi Kalohoro who was difeated by the Talpur. He was given refuge by the Nawab of Kalat at Rahan Pur and Dhundhi state. Bakhers came with him. Muhammad Bakhsh Bakher was one of the ministers of the Kalhoro. On arrival at Rajan Pur, Mian Abdul Nabi Kalohoro snatched every thin from the Bakhers and forced all of them to join his army. Basically he was a greedy man. when he gained foot hold at Rajan Pur and surrounding areas , he killed his brothers so that they should not become share holders in his state. He attacked on Dera Ghazi Khan and snached it from Ghazi Khan Mirani. He attacked Layyah and captured it., Minan Arif , his eldest son was leading his army and main commanders were the Bakhers. He attacked Bhakher, Shahpur and Sargodha. He captured Bhakar and Shahpur but could not gained completed controle of Sargodha. Bakhers are found in Shah pur and Sargodha, Layyah and Bhakar.

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