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PAF Jacobabad-Shabaz

Last modified: 13 Sep 2010

Country: Pakistan    Region: Sindh

Locale: Jacobabad

Latitude: 28° 17' 3" N     Longitude: 68° 26' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: Civil; Airbase (FOB)


Jacobabad airport, ICAO: OPJA and Shabaz airbase.
Jacobabad, 3rd largest airport in the country in terms of area. Used jointly for military and commercial flight operations.
Shahbaz airbase is a Forward Operating Base which would become fully operational during wartime.
Jacobabad is a base used by US and allied forces to support the Operation Enduring Freedom campaign in Afghanistan.

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Shehbaz airbase has been a wonderful and amazing airbase in the world. This blog post is about jackobabad airport. This city is in Pakistan. And all over the world, the air abilities of Pakistan have been acknowledged and admired.

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