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PLAAF Chifeng

Last modified: 23 Feb 2014

Country: China    Region: Senyang

Latitude: 42° 9' 29" N     Longitude: 118° 50' 34" E

Area use / Military Branches: Fighterbase


Chifeng PLAAF airbase hosting 1st Fighter Division 1st Air Regiment operting J-10 aircraft
J-10, Vigorous Dragon is a multirole single-engine fighter developed by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) and 611 Institute. It was been selected by PLAAF as the next generation fighter replacing the old J-7 Chengdu fighter and Q-5 Fantan strike aircraft. The aircraft has an Su-27 style nose and rectangular air intake, an AL-31F type engine, twin nose wheels and a distinct low-visibility camouflage color scheme. It also has a large vertical tail plus twin F-16 style ventral stabilizers for greater stability at high AoA. Its fuselage is considerably longer compared to Israeli Lavi. Unlike J-7E with double-delta wings, it has a pair of inverted gull wings (i.e. inner upper portion extends slightly downward, while the outer portion extends flat).
Currently J-10A is entering PLAAF service. The August 1 Aerobatic Demonstration Team also flies J-10AY replacing the old J-7GBs.

Chengdu J-10

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