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Army: Iquitos

Last modified: 27 Mar 2014

Country: Peru   

Latitude: 3° 46' 41" S     Longitude: -74° 41' 32" E

Area use / Military Branches: V Army Div.


Grid 346'41.99"S 7318'27.29"W Iquitos
Eastern military region
Homebase of HQ V Army Division and its supporting units:
- 115 Hq Coy
- 115 Signals Btn
- 115 Triple A Btn
- 115 MP Coy
- 26 SF Grp Quevedo

Also home of the 5th Jungle Brigade (subordinate unit of the V Army Division)
5th Jungle Bde consisting of:
- Hq Coy
- 25th & 27th Jungle Inf Btns
- 125th Triple A Btn
- 5th Jungle Combat Eng Btn
- 125th SF Commando Inf Btn
- 511th Antitank Coy
- 105th Supply Btn
- 105th Trsp Btn
- 105th Medical Btn

Also home of the 1st Jungle Naval Infantry Battalion

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