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Navy: Callao

Last modified: 27 Mar 2014

Country: Peru   

Latitude: 12° 2' 8" S     Longitude: -78° 51' 41" E

Area use / Military Branches: Naval base


Grid 12 2'9.79"S 77 8'19.66"W Naval base Callao
Main naval base, dockyard, naval aviation and naval infantry base,
Naval Medical Center which contains the US Navy unit Naval Medical Research Unit Six
- Surface fleet consisting of 1x Light Missile Cruiser; 7x Missile Frigates; 3x Landing ships; 6x Missile Corvets and 1x Support ship
- Submarine fleet consisting of a Submariner School; 6x submarines and 1x Support ship
- Naval Infantry Force consisting of a NIF School; 2 Naval Inf Btns; 1 Marine Commando Btn; 1 Combat Suppt Grp and 1 Tac Vehicle Btn
- Special Forces consisting of 2 Specops Grps (North & Central) and 1 Rescue Grp

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