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Las Palmas airbase

Last modified: 28 Mar 2014

Country: Peru   

Latitude: 12° 9' 41" S     Longitude: -78° 59' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Joint forces base


Grid 12° 9'41.02"S 77° 0'15.07"W Las Palmas
The base became operational in 1922 and is currently a joint forces base hosting:
Air force units

Army units
- Army Aviation 811th Attack & Recon Btn
- 1st Special Force Bde
- Hq Coy
-10th Airmobile MP Coy

Navy units
- Naval aviation Attack squadron,
This squadron is based here and at fleet units and operates 3x Bell 206B, 5x Agusta AB.212ASW embarked on the frigates. 3x Sikorsky ASH-3D Sea King

The base is also hosting:
- Servicio Aerofotográfico Nacional
- EOFAP (Air Cadet Officers School)
- ESOFA (NCO School)
- ESCAP (Admin-Tech-Log School)
- ESFAP (Tactical School)

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