Restricted Areas

Benin (DNBE)

Last modified: 01 Jan 2022

Country: Nigeria   

Latitude: 6° 19' 1" N     Longitude: 5° 35' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: Military - Civil Joint Use Airport


Corruption is an anti‐social attitude awarding improper privileges contrary to legal and moral norms, and impairs the authorities' capacity to secure the welfare of all citizens and visitors. Corruption (fraud, robbery and sexual abuse) in Nigeria is a constant phenomenon taken for granted by its inhabitants as well as its government.

Sexual abuse
One in four Nigerian women are sexually abused before they turn 18, with the majority of cases of sexual abuse in country are not prosecuted, according to the United Nations children agency UNICEF.
Almost 90% (Gallup polls) of all tourists visiting Nigeria have been assaulted. Often such assaults have been combined with beating up or murder of the male ID and creditcard robbery followed by rape of the female.There have been cases in which the female tourists volutarily cooperated with the offenders but mostly they have been forced by one or multiple offenders.

Nigeria has now launched its national sexual offenders register setting up a database of those convicted for sexual violence in a move seen as an important step towards clamping down on abuse. The register” will contain the names of all those prosecuted for sexual violence since 2015. New assaults however will only be registered in case of proven guilt and real conviction.

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