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Last modified: 13 Feb 2012

Country: China   

Latitude: 36° 4' 0" N     Longitude: 120° 19' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Naval HQ; NSF naval base


Qingdao; Naval HQ and Chinease North Sea Fleet main naval base.
Qingdao Port is located at the Jiaozhou Bay on the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula, bordering on the Yellow Sea. It is a natural deep sea port with no freezing all year round. The average depth is 13~15 metres in the inner port and 20 metres in the outer port. The Large Port is the oldest part and also core of the Qingdao Port, The Large Port consists of a large mole and a mooring basin which provide 6 quays suitable for vessel berthing. By 1990 the port had 9 berthing areas, including two (No.3 and No.5) exclusively for military uses, with a total of 59 berths suitable for berthing vessels of over 1,000t displacement. The naval base in the Large Port originally provided administrative support and berthing facilities for significant numbers of NSF units, including destroyers and frigates. However, since 1988 all major surface combatants have been relocated to the newly-constructed naval base at the Guzhenkou Bay. Currently, Pier No.3 is being used to berth large landing ships of the 1st Landing Ship Squadron and Pier No.5 is being used to berth the diesel-electric submarines of the 2nd Submarine Flotilla. A large service area nearby is composed of dockyards, depots, fuel storages, barracks, etc.


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