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AIR HQ Rome - Centocelle

Last modified: 11 Oct 2019

Country: Italy   


Latitude: 41° 52' 2" N     Longitude: 12° 33' 26" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Centocelle (Roma) is the Italian Airforce HQ basing:
- Chief of the Air Force General Staff, a 3 star general command and the subordinate commands:
- Air Fleet Command - CSA)
- Air Force Logistic Command - CLOG AM
- 1st (North Italy) Air Region Command - 1ĒRA) dislocated in Milan
- Air Force Schools Command - 3rd (South Italy) Air Region - CSAM/3ĒRA) dislocated in Bari
- Air Force Command Rome - COMAER) at Centocelle Airport

HQ Comando della Squadra Aerea (HQ Air Fleet Command) supervising all operative units, intelligence, electronic warfare capabilities and the operational headquarters and controls
-- Comando Operazioni Aeree (Air Operations Command) in Poggio Renatico
-- Comando delle Forze da Combattimento (Combat Forces Command) in Milan
-- Comando Forze di Supporto e Speciali (Support and Special Forces Command) in Rome
-- 9 Intelli, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance - Electronic Warfare (ISTAR-EW) Brigade) at Pratica di Mare
-- Italian Air Force Delegation at NATO's Tactical Leadership Programme in Spain

HQ Support and Special Forces Command supervising:
- Capodichino airbase Cmd, supporting US Naval Support Activity Naples
- Sigonella airbase Cmd, supporting Naval Air Station Sigonella
- Italian Air Force delegations at NATO Geilenkirchen, RAF Brize Norton, ETAC Zaragosa, and Little Rock airbase
- 1 Special Operations Air Brigade at Cervia airbase
- 46 Air Brigade at Pisa airbase

HQ Comando della Squadra Aerea (Operational Air Command)

HQ Air Force Logistic Command providing operational units with all required logistics, combat and service support functions.

Air Force Command Rome has territorial and liaison functions for the city of Rome and provides admin support to the AMI HQ and units based at Centocelle and Vigna di Valle airports.

Naval Aviation Inspector oversees technical and logistic aeronautical aspects and the training of the Italian military's airborne anti-submarine forces.

Centocelle airbase used to be an old Italian military airport but has been converted into an Hq with supporting helipads.

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