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IAF Hatserim (LLHB, LL1A and LL62)

Last modified: 28 Aug 2014

Country: Israel    Region: Negev desert

Locale: Hatzerim

Latitude: 31° 15' 38" N     Longitude: 34° 38' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: IAF airbase


IAF Hatserim airbase (ICAO: LLHB) is located in Negev desert west of Beersheba, near kibbutz Hatzerim.
Base constructed during the early 1960's and operational as of 1966. The Hatserim complex has been extended so that it actually consists of bases built above eachother!
Hatserim is the location of the IAF museum, the IAF Flight Academy since 1966 together with the IAF aerobatics team.
Operational units:
- Flight Training School (TA/A-4N, Bell 206B, G-120A, CM-170, AH1E);
-102 sqn (TA/A-4N, F-16A/B Flying tigers)
- 69 sqn (F-16 / Hammers)
-107 sqn (F-16 / Orange tail)
- 23 sqn (S-70 / Blackhwk / Desert Birds - former Southern Belles)

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