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Airbase Brasilia

Last modified: 08 Oct 2017

Country: Brazil   

Latitude: 15° 52' 11" S     Longitude: -48° 5' 27" E

Area use / Military Branches: Airwing 1


15°51'30"S 47°54'26"W Base Aérea de Brasília - military part of Brasilia Intl Airport
New Air Force structure:
The organizational structure of all Major Commands is part of the current reconfiguration of the Brasilian Air Force (BAF). This must increase the administrative efficiency and greater rationality of the organizational structure, with all units directed primarily to their core activities. As of 2016 the new ALA - operational military airwing - and Regional Air Command (COMAR) structures have been activated. In order to fulfill its mission, each Wing will consist of its flying squadrons, as well as groups and squadrons specialized in aircraft maintenance, aviation supply, aeronautical weapons and security and airdefense.

New fighter aircraft:
In 2015 the Brazilian government met with a Swedish trading commission to revise a contract in order to replace all Mirage aircraft by JAS Gripen aircraft. Sweden rejected the application and signing a contract was seriously threatened but in July 2015, the Brazilian government confirmed that it had reached an agreement with Sweden to finance the purchase of an initial batch of 36 Gripen NG fighters. In September 2015 Brazil finalized the US$4.68 billion purchase of 36 Saab Gripen E fighters being delivered between 2018 and 2024. An assembly line is being established in Brazil to build 15 of the aircraft with engineers and technicians from Brazil traveling to Sweden to begin training.

- 1 BDAEE (1 Airdefence Brigade Cmd). Joint Operational Command, permanently active and responsible for planning, coordination, execution and control of all air ops, both recurrent and eventual. This new command will cover the air defense and antiaircraft activities combining the BAF deployment actions such as airlift, sar and maritime patrol, in addition to the joint ops.
- BINFAE BR (AF Special Security Brigade Brazil)
- GSD 1 (Center of Air Defense and Air Traffic Control 1) responsible for the Brasilia Flight Information Region.
- Airwing 1 (ALA1) with
-- 6 Airlift Sq (6 ETA) operating C-95 aircraft, VC-97 and VU-35A aircraft

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