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Harare Air HQ

Last modified: 07 Aug 2015

Country: Zimbabwe    Region: capital

Locale: Harare

Latitude: 17° 48' 8" S     Longitude: 31° 3' 43" E

Area use / Military Branches: Air force HQ


Main Hq:
Former Rhodesian Defence Hq, Salisbury (1930s-1972)
Air Hq, Borrowdale Road, Harare (1975-present)
Primary roles of the AFZ are interception and close air support. The AFZ plays a major role in supporting the Zimbabwan Army and did some actions in Mozambique and the Congo.
The air force is currently experiencing very low serviceability rates due to a shortage of foreign currency to buy spares.
It is to be expected that the AFZ will acquire a new multi-role fighter, most likely MiG-29, if a good price can be obtained...
Rumours of the acquisition of this type have been floating around for nearly 10 years.

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