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GRND Nashik (VANR)

Last modified: 03 Sep 2019

Country: India   

Latitude: 19° 57' 49" N     Longitude: 73° 48' 27" E

Area use / Military Branches: Army Avn Training Center


Nashik (VANR).
Indian Army Aviation Corps was formed in 1986, the Army aviation training which was previously carried out at the 665 Army Aviation Sq (R&O) under School of Artillery, is now carried out in an independent Combat Army Aviation Training School at Nashik.

The Cheetah Helicopter Simulator has been set up at the Combat Army Aviation Training School (CATS) at Nashik. It has been introduced at the initial ground training stage of the pilot training and is expected to reduce costs and risks of pilot training. Trainee AAC pilots will be exposed to different weather conditions and different terrains in addition to night flying, training in emergencies, tactical handling of the machine, different maneuvers and more.

Each squadron consists of 2 to 3 Recce & Observation Flights, which can be interchanged depending on operational requirements. The flights do not lose their identity even when they form part of a squadron.

Aircraft types:
- Ground attack HAL Rudra and HAL LCH
- Utility HAL Dhruv , HAL Chetak HAL Cheetah,
Kamov Ka-226

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