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GRND Palembang

Last modified: 01 Oct 2018

Country: Indonesia    Region: Java

Locale: Palembang

Latitude: 2° 58' 12" S     Longitude: 104° 45' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


258'12"S 10444'59"E Palembang
- Kodam II/Sriwijaya is a territorial defence command, including the provinces of Bengkulu, Jambi, South Sumatra, Bangka-Belitung Islands and Lampung Regional Command II/Sriwijaya is divided into 5 Area Commands (Komando Resor Militer / Korem), 30 District Commands (Komando Distrik Militer / Kodim), 228 District Sectors (Komando Rayon Militer / Koramil) and 1832 personnels of Bintara Pembina Desa (Babinsa) or Subsector Commands

- Korem 041/Garuda Emas (Gamas), covers the area of Bengkulu Province with 5 subordinate units
- Korem 042/Garuda Putih (Gapu), covers the area of Jambi Province with 5 battalions
- Korem 043/Garuda Hitam (Gatam), covers the area of Lampung Province with 8 battalions
- Korem 044/Garuda Dempo (Gapo), covers the area of South Sumatra Province with 7 battalions
- Korem 045/Garuda Jaya (Gaya), covers the area of Bangka Belitung Islands Province with 2 battalions
- Resimen Induk Kodam II/Sirwijaya serves as the training regiment for new recruits to the territorial command. with Regiment Hq TC II/Sriwijaya
NCO School; Basic Combat Training School; National Defense Training Command; Specialist Training School and Enlisted Personnel Training School

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