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GRND Medan

Last modified: 01 Oct 2018

Country: Indonesia    Region: Sumatra

Locale: Medan

Latitude: 3° 35' 36" S     Longitude: 98° 37' 19" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


335'37"S 9837'20"E Medan
- Kodam I/Bukit Barisan / KODAM I/BB (1st Regional Cmd/Bukit Barisan) Area command (military district) of the Indonesian Army incorporating North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau and Riau Islands
-- Kodim 0201/Medan (self-supporting), based in Medan

- Korem 022/Pantai Timur, based in Pematangsiantar with 5 subordinate units
- Korem 023/Kawal Samudra, based in Sibolga, with 6 subordinate units
- Korem 031/Wirabima, based in Pekanbaru, with 4 subordinate units
- Korem 032/Wirabraja, based in Padang, with 12 subordinate units
- Korem 033/Wira Pratama, based in Tanjungpinang, with 4 subordinate units
- Rindam I/Bukit Barisan1st (Regional Training Reg) Hq with NCO School; Basic Combat Training School; National Defense Training Command; Specialist Training School and Enlisted Personnel Training School
- 7th Infantry Bde/Rimba Raya Bde HQ with 3 battalions

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