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Tököl airfield

Last modified: 07 Nov 2019

Country: Hungary    Region: .

Locale: Tököl

Latitude: 47° 20' 48" N     Longitude: 18° 58' 37" E

Area use / Military Branches: Civil airpt


Former Soviet (Тёкёль) airbase.Callsign "BOLJANKA" (БОЛЖАНКА) hosted the Soviet 515 IAP.
The area at grid 47°21'2"N 18°58'51"E (4 shelters) had been used as a temporarily nuclear weapon storage (1971-1988)
Declassified docs revealed an average Soviet nuclear weapons stock between 100 and 180 in Hungary. Mostly freefall bombs.
The main storages were at 2 locations: Kumadaras (appx 100) and Kiskunlacháza airbase (appx 80).
Some former Soviet airbases also had small temporary nuc storages: Sármellék, Tököl and Debrecen airfield each 4 shelters.

Base closed and demolition of some facilities in progress. Other facilities are used for storage.
Base has been converted into

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