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HDF Kecskemét garrison

Last modified: 09 May 2014

Country: Hungary   

Locale: Kecskemet

Latitude: 46° 55' 5" N     Longitude: 19° 44' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: 59 Tactical Wing; 2nd Air Cmd & Ctrl Center


Hungarian Defense Forces 59th Szentgyorgyi Deszo airbase a.k.a. Kecskemet.
Tasking: Protection of airspace, territory and troops of the Republic of Hungary and its NATO allies and securing its integrity in cooperation with the units and subunits of NATO and the Hungarian Air Force

- 59. " Szentgyörgyi Dezső" Harcászati Repülőbázis (59th Tac Wing) consisting of
-- 1. Vadászrepülö Század, JAS39C/D Gripen; ("Puma" Tactical sqn)
-- 2. Vadászrepülö Század, L-39ZO, MiG-29, MiG-29UB; ("Dongo" Tactical Sqn)
-- 3. Szallitó Repülö Század, An-26; (Airlift Sqn)
-- 4. Kiképzö Repülö Század, Yak-52 (Transport Det)
- 2nd Air Command & Control Center.

Hungarian Airforce
Base web
Sqn website 2. Vadászrepülö Század
JAS39 Gripen

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