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Udbina airfield

Last modified: 03 Nov 2011

Country: Croatia   

Latitude: 44° 33' 24" N     Longitude: 15° 46' 31" E

Area use / Military Branches: Joint mil/civ airfield


Udbina airfield, ICAO: LDZU.
This is exactly the spot where NATO bombs "cut" the main runway making serbian/croatian airoperations impossible (NATO op: Deny Flight).
The crater surroundings can clearly be seen. The taxiways also got some "collateral" hits disabling this airport.
On 21 November 94, NATO aircraft attacked the Udbina airfield in Serb-held Croatia. The strike, conducted at request of and in coordination with UNPROFOR, was in response to attacks which had been launched from that airfield against targets in the Bihac area of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the previous few days. It was carried out under the authority of the North Atlantic Council and United Nations Security Council Resolution 958.

On 23 November 94, following the previous day strike on NATO aircraft by surface-to- air missiles, NATO reconnaissance aircraft were accompanied by escorts. The aircraft were illuminated by SAM radars, and in self defence attacked the SAM sites at Otoka and Dvor, firing anti-radiation "HARM" missiles. Later that same day, NATO carried out a strike against the Otoka SAM site, as it had been assessed as still posing a threat to NATO aircraft

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