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PLAAF Changchun Dafangshen

Last modified: 23 Feb 2014

Country: China    Region: Shenyang

Latitude: 43° 54' 11" N     Longitude: 125° 12' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Training base


Changchun Dafangshen PLAAF training base hosting the 7th Flying Academy
-1st Basic Flying School (CJ-6)
-2nd Air Regiment
-3rd Air Regiment (JL-8)

JL-8/K-8 Karakorum/Mighty Eagle is a new intermediate jet trainer developed by Hongdu Aviation Industrial Group and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. Its max TO weight is 4,468kg, max level speed 800km/h, max climb rate 30m/s, max range 2,140km and ceiling 13,600m.
6 K-8s were delivered to Pakistan in 1994 and 6 more in 2003. Meanwhile the domestic JL-8 (also known as K-8J) which first flew in 1996 is currently in production. They are in service at the PLAAF and PLAN flight academies replacing the obsolete JJ-5s. Due to a US embargo on Allied Signal TFE731-2A turbofan, they are powered by Ukrainian AI-25TLK turbofans and eventually to be powered by a locally designed WS-11 (an AI-25TLK clone, 16.87kN thrust).
The export version is better equipped with western components such as Martin Baker MK10L ejection seat and Collins EFIS and is able to carry PL-5E/PL-7 AAMs and a 23mm gun pod for AD role. Besides Pakistan, Myanmar purchased 12, and Sri Lanka 6. Several African countries also purchased K-8s, including Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The real breakthrough came when Egypt signed a deal to locally produce 80 K-8Es replacing the L-29 intermediate trainer. This has become a boost to Hongdu's export effort in the competitive international market. The first 2 Egyptian K-8Es rolled out of the assembly line in June 2001, carrying a 23mm gunpod under the fuselage and powered by an Allied Signal engine. The assembly of all 80 K-8Es was accomplished 2005. A total of 500 K-8s were sold by 2010. Meanwhile 400 JL-8s were ordered by PLAAF and PLAN. Even the newly established PLAAF Red Falcon Demonstration Team flies JL-8.

Nanchang CJ-6
Hongdu JL-8

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