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Last modified: 12 Apr 2018

Country: France    Region: Lorraine

Locale: Chambley Bussieres

Latitude: 49° 1' 31" N     Longitude: 5° 52' 33" E

Area use / Military Branches: Civil


Chambley - Bussières. Constructed in 1938. Ops in WW2 1940 and taken over by German luftwaffe.
Strangely never used in WW2... Not by the Germans and not by the allies after taking over.
Reconstructed in 1951 to accommodate US forces and in 1954, the 7002nd Air Base Sq activated
Former USAF units:
- 21st Fighter/Bomber Wing became ops 1954-1958 operating F-86K Sabre
- 122nd Tactical Fighter Wing (Natonal Guard) operating F-84F fighters was combined with C-47 and T-33 aircraft and redesignated 7122nd Tactical Fighter Wing (1960-1962)
- 390th Tactical Fighter Sq operating F-84F (1962-1963)
- 25th Tactical Reconnaissance WIng operating RB-66 (1965-1966)
The last USAF military left the base in 1967

The base was taken over by the French using it as a reserve for airbase 136 (Toul) and as a training base. The French army also used the base for exercises.
In the 1980's the base became a joint military/civil airfield and later a civil airfield for recreational use.

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