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Ilopango airfield

Last modified: 17 May 2013

Country: El Salvador   

Latitude: 13° 41' 58" N     Longitude: -90° 52' 48" E

Area use / Military Branches: Joint mil/civ airfield


Ilopamgo airfield (MSSS). A joint mil/civ airfield hosting the HQ of the Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña (FAS) and is used for military and charter aviation only. It also holds the annual Ilopango Air Show. The airport is also home to the National Aviation Museum (Museo Nacional de Aviación) of San Salvador, which is housed in the old terminal building

- 1st Air Brigade (Primera Brigada Aérea) consisting of:
-- Transport Sqn (Escuadrón de Transporte) operating BT-67/C-47, DC-6A, Merlin, IAI-202, Ce-337G
-- Helicopter Sqn (Escuadrón de Helicópteros) operating UH-1H/M, Bell 412EP/206/407, MD-500D/E
-- Materiel and Combat Suppt Grp (Grupo de Material y Apoyo de Combate)
-- Base security grp (Batallón de Seguridad) 3 security companies
- Military Aviation School (Escuela de Aviación Militar) operating T-35A, T-41D, Rallye 235/893, TH-55A/300C

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