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AIR Air Force Egypt General Info

Last modified: 21 Jan 2021

Country: Egypt   

Locale: 3113'3.26

Latitude: 31° 13' 3" N     Longitude: 28° 43' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Current strength


All info has strictly been obtained by "open source" documentation; see The Official Home Page of the Egyptian Armed Forces and 2020

The Egyptian Air Force (EAF) has been created in 1932 becoming an independent air force in 1937.
The EAF is responsible for all airborne defence missions and operates all military aircraft. Its primary role is the airdefence of the nation. Its secondary role is strike and army support operations. The EAF provides official government transport and carries out international search-and- rescue operations in the desert, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Current (2021) training capacity:
74x Grob G-115 and 54x Embraer EMB-312 Tucano basic flight trainers (EMB-312 with very limited strike capacity)
49x Aero L-39 Albatros, 27x Dornier Alphajet and 119 x Hongdu JL-8 advanced jet trainers
50x Lockheed F-16 B/D; 4x Mirage 2000 BM and 4x MiG-29M2 fighter trainers
6x Mirage 5SDD strike trainers

Current airlift capacity:
8x Dehavilland DHC5 Buffalo and Beechraft 1900 utility aircraft
23x CASA CN-295; 21x Lockheed C-130H; and 3x Antonov AN-74 Coaler airlifters

Current helicopter capacity:
89x Aerospatiale SA-342 Gazelle; 3x Eurocopter AS-350; 3x Agusta AW-109 and Westland Seaking 2.1 utility helicopters
19x Boeing CH-47 Chinook airlift and 2x Sikorsky UH-60M multirole helicopters
62x Mil Mi-17 Hip; 46x Boeing AH-64D Apache and 35x Kamov KA-52 Alligator attack helicopters
10x Kaman SH2 Seasprite ASW/patrol and 2x Agusta AW-139 SAR helicopters

Ordered 11x Kamov KA-52; 10x Boeing CH-47 attack and 6x Boeing CH-47 airlift

Current close air support capacity:
12x Airtractor AT-802 CAS aircraft

Current special capacity:
7x Grumman E-2 Hawkeye AEWC and 4x Beechcraft 1900 Electronic Warfare aircraft

Current fighter capacity:
168x Lockheed F-16A/C; 21x Dassault Rafale D/M; 15x Mirage 2000EM and 11x Mig-29M Fulcrum multirole fighters
75x Mirage 5E2 strike and 13 x Dornier Alphajet light strike fighters

Ordered 30x MiG-29M2 and 3x Dassault Rafale D/M multirole fighters

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