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Kamina airfield

Last modified: 21 May 2013

Country: Congo (Kinshasa)    Region: Barumbu

Locale: Kinshasa

Latitude: 4° 19' 32" S     Longitude: 15° 19' 41" E

Area use / Military Branches: Joint mil/civ airfield


Kamina airfield; military part of Ndolo Airport
2 Tactical Air Group is located at Kaminia consistsing (on paper) of a
- Pursuit and Attack Wing
- Tactical Transport Wing

IISS Military Balance 2007 lists the complet Congolese airforce with 6 combat capable aircraft (2 MiG-23 Flogger and 4 Su-25 Frogfoot) and 7+ helicopters, 6 Mi-24 Hind, 1 Mi-26 Halo, and an unknown number of Mi-8 Hips. The IISS estimates air force strength at 2,000 military
The Congolese airforce is not capable carrying out its responsibilities due to incapable personnel and a lack of maintenance.

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