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CFB Bagotville

Last modified: 20 Mar 2020

Country: Canada    Region: Quebec

Locale: Saguenay

Latitude: 48° 20' 2" N     Longitude: -71° 0' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4820'2"N 7058'57"W CFB Bagotville, was operating the former Voodoo - Genie air defence system (1961-1986) consisting of McDonnell F-101B Voodoo supersonic interceptors armed with 4x AIM-4 Falcon or
2x nuclear AIR-2 Genie missiles internal carried..

Current homebase of:
- CAF 2 WIng Hq (air expeditionary wing) able to rapidly deploy worldwide as a self-contained unit with
-- 2 Air Component Coordination Unit (2 ACCU);
-- 2 Expeditionary Readiness Centre (2 ERC)
-- 2 Air Expeditionary Sq (2 AES)
-- 2 Mission Suppt Sq

- CAF 3 Wing providing multi-role combat and (C)SAR forces with
-- 425 and 433 Tactical Fighter Squadrons operating CF-188 Hornet
-- 439 Combat Suppt Sq operating CH-146 Griffon
-- 3 Air Maintenance Sq
-- 12 Radar Sq operating TPS-70 deployable radar (dislocated) at Lac Castor
-- 3 Wing Air Reserve Flt

Dislocated units:
-- Forward Operating Location Iqaluit
-- 414 Electronic Warfare Support Sq



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