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CFB Goose Bay

Last modified: 20 Mar 2020

Country: Canada    Region: Newfoundland

Locale: Happy Valley

Latitude: 53° 18' 11" N     Longitude: -61° 33' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


CFB Goose Bay, Historical:
In 1950 the USAF forward-deployed Boeing B-50 heavy bombers with 11 Mark IV nuclear bombs to Goose Bay airbase. The former hi-sec storage facility was at grid 5319'24"N 6027'59"W.
US Government needed to confirm this through diplomatic channels to the Canadian government at the time, since one of their bombers ran into engine trouble and had to jettison (and conventionally detonate) an un-armed nuclear weapon, This event only became public knowledge in the 1980s...
As no fissile pit was installed in the bomb when it detonated it is unclear if there was any radioactive contamination in the St Lawrence river.

In 1954 USAF constructed a new Nuc Weapon Storage facility at grid 5317'43"N 6022'45"W and as of 1956 at Goose airbase preparation for the arrival of nuclear air-to-air missiles (AIR-2 Genie or Falcon AIM-26A) was underway. I

In 1958, an addition to the original Weapons Storage Area was completed that would accommodate distinctly different nuclear weapons and components for air to air missiles,

CFB Goose Bay currently supports NORAD ops for the projection of air power on the north and northeast coasts of Canada and supports military training for the Canadian Armed Forces, NATO and NORAD.
CAF units based
- CAF 5 Wing conducts conducts and supports a variety of operations including both joint and combined training.with
-- 44 Combat Suppt Sq operating CH-146 Griffon
-- 5 Wing Air Reserve Flt
-- Forward Operating Location Goose Bay

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